Listed as one of 10 most beautiful places on the planet the Monteverde Cloud Forest is an exotic tropical jungle hidden in the highlands of the Tilaran mountain range in Costa Rica.

Monteverde is definitely a place worth visiting. But to enjoy all the beauty and richness of this unique forest is needed the help of an expert naturalist guide, a person who knows the secrets of this wonderful forest and will do everything possible for you to explore, discover and enjoy the enchantment of the most exuberant nature.

For that reason we decided to create the Monteverde Morning Walk, a guided tour that is carry out in the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. This tour has been designed by naturalist guides for nature lovers and people who want to relax, learn and enjoy amid the exuberance of tropical cloud forest.

Cloud Forest Morning Walk Cloud Forest Morning Walk
Black-faced Solitaire Resplendent Quetzal Morning Walk Resplendent Quetzal
Morning Walk Tree Fern Black Guan Morning Walk
Mushroms Clear-winged Butterfly "Hot Lips" Collared Redstart
Cloud Forest Monteverde Reserve Morning Walk Monteverde Reserve

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